Custom PPE & Safety Gifts

With the COVID-19 pandemic still in swing, it’s imperative that businesses and organizations continue to adhere to the necessary SOPs and take active measures to protect their employees. You don’t need to be a part of the healthcare industry to get onboard with custom PPE & safety equipment. These essential items should be introduced at your business premises as well. In fact, you can even include custom PPE & safety equipment in your corporate gifts.

We’re here to help you do this. At our online store, you’ll find all sorts of safety items such as disposable masks, surgical gowns and gloves, hand sanitizers, and acrylic screens. Buy custom PPE & safety gifts from our store in Dubai today!

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Acrylic Protection Screen

• 4mm Clear Acrylic • Free Standing • Can be branded with your logo or message

Air Doctor – Virus Prevention, Sanitation & Deodorization

Virus Prevention, Sanitation & DeodorizationAir Doctor gives you a good hygiene life and comfortable feeling wherever you go, thanks to the power of solid chloride dioxide which provides a space that is microorganisms-free.

Automatic Hand Sanitizer

Keep your hands clean all day with our hand disinfectant dispenser. We offer automatic disinfectant dispenser at affordable prices.• Easy disassembly and assembly • Suitable for all kinds of public places • Choose from accessories like the tray, Table top, Back plate and floor stand • Free touch: Infrared sensor to make a very fast reaction in 0.25S • Materials: antibacterial housing to avoid germs stay • Spray volume: Adjustable liquid volume to suit high demands • Spray angle: Large spray range, liquid full surround on your hands • Liquid tray: This extra part will catch the liquid residual to keep floor remains clean • Free installation: Stick it at anywhere • Power supply: one more choice, Battery operation and AC/DC adaptor operation

Coverall & Gown

A surgical gown is a personal protective garment intended to be worn by health care personnel during surgical procedures to protect both the patient and health care personnel from the transfer of microorganisms, body fluids, and particulate matter. ... Surgical gowns can be used for any risk level (Levels 1-4)

Credit Card Shape – Spray Hand Sanitizer

This 0.67 Oz. credit card-shaped, citrus-scented antibacterial spray is a great way to promote health and wellness. This product is available in multiple colors and exceeds FDA standards, containing 62% alcohol. **Clear label no longer available**. Complies with FDA, Prop 65. 2 1/8” W x 3 3/8” H

Cukey Lite – Anti-Microbial Copper Keyring

Giftology Anti-Microbial Keyring Tools AMTGL 842• Multi-Functional: Contact-free design and equipped with key ring and bottle opener. • Anti-Microbial: Made from anti-microbial copper alloy, with 62% copper content. COVID-19 virus only survives 2 hours on copper, compared to 2-3 days on stainless steel, plastic etc. • COVID-19 virus only survives 2 hours on copper, compared to 2-3 days on stainless steel, plastic etc.CAUTION: Zinc alloys and 58% copper alloys are falsely marketed as anti-microbial. Use tested and certified anti-microbial 60% + copper alloysPrint Technique: (Keychain: ENG) (Box: SC) Preferred Print Location: (Keychain: Front) (Box: Front) Max Print Size: (Keychain: 30 x 6mm) (Box: 40 x 70)

Disposable Face Mask – 3 Ply

Disposable Filter Mask 3 Ply Earloop Medical Dental Surgical Hypoallergenic Breathability Comfort Breathable Beauty Medical Dust Mask Medical Surgical face mask

Face Shield – Disposable

Effectively protect your entire face safety, the virus comes into eyes by flying dust, spittle Face Shields are comfortable to wear; long-time wearing protective glasses is harm to eyes and skin The price of Face Shields is low, just 1/4 of protective glasses Face Shield uses high transparent environmental protection substrate with high definition, no harm to

Face Shield – Replaceable

Plastic Frame with Replaceable Anti-fog Acetate Shield

Foot Pedal Dispenser Board

• Wood in white paint finish • Includes printing of your artwork to full front panel • Comes with 500ml hand sanitizer (stock refill AED30) • Free delivery in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman

Footwear Sanitizing Floor Mat

Mats of 600 x 450mm holds up to 1.8 Liters of disinfectant solution.Mats with attachable and detachable dust and drying mat combinations.Various sized combinations can be secured by attaching interlockable mats - made to order.5mm raised and beveled edge prevents overflowing of the solution.14mm high round headed pins with reinforced base100 x 100mm removable pad in the corner for easy drain and cleaningSpecially designed to prevent spread of COVID19 virus through footwear also a dust and dirt free premisesSuitable for entrance and exits of premises like Malls, Offices, Home, Hotels, School & Gym etc.

Forza Ragazzi – Coverall

Forza Ragazzi Coverall AHWFR 116High quality Italian coveralls from Forza Ragazzi brand are CE certified, pass the blood test (superior test to water test) and are UV sanitized for 30 minutes before delivery. You can be assured of receiving the highest quality coveralls at a great value because these coveralls are reusable after a cold wash.Available in 50GSM or 70GSM

Forza Ragazzi – Face Shield

AHWFR 110 - 0.3mm AHWFR 111 - 0.5mm AHWFR 112 - Swivel• Soft foam for comfort • Medicated foam for sweat and stain proofing • UV sanitized for 30 mins before delivery • Re-usableFace Shields are made and designed in Italy, by Italian doctors with the goal to inspire the people, and to provide a high quality and comfortable product. Face shields come in 3 models: 0.3mm and 0.5mm shield thickness which are suitable for civilian use, and a 0.5mm swivel model which is suitable for medical use. Further, all Forza Ragazzi face shields are made with 4cm comfort elastic band, metal rivets and joints, and a medicated comfort foam for forehead comfort and sweat rash protection. Face shield is UV sanitized for 30 minutes before delivery.

Habry – UV-C Sterilization Pouch

Santhome Protect AITSN 104• UV-C Kills 99.9% Bacteria • 2 Different Zippered Compartments, for UV-C & for Holding Travel & Daily Accessories • Sterilize On-The-Go • Use Your Own Powerbank / Power Source or Check with Us for Our Range of Powerbanks • Non-Toxic; Without MercuryEveryday use pouch that keeps your daily articles SAFE and HYGIENIC. This pouch has a special compartment with UV-C light that kills 99.9% bacteria on the item kept in the compartment. This UV-C compartment can help you with sterilizing your currency, passport, boarding pass, phone etc that are generally prone to multiple contact with bacteria surfaces by just connecting a cable provided on the back pocket to a power source such as laptop or powerbank. Another zipper compartment features a zipper pocket for keys, currency, coin etc., pocket to hold multiple passports and has space for your everyday electronic accessories. Packed in a Santhome gift box.Print Technique: SC, HT Preferred Print Location: Front Bottom Max Print Size: 75 x 70mm Product Size: 21.5 x 13 x 4.5cm

Horki – UV-C Sterilization Box

Santhome Protect AITSN 103• UV-C Kills 99.9% Bacteria • 90 Second Quick Clean or 5 Minutes Complete CleanUV-C sterilizer that kills up to 99,9% of the bacteria placed inside the device. Simply place objects like earbuds, jewelry, watches and face mask inside the sterilizer to sterilize them using UV-C technology. You can choose to do a quick clean in 90 seconds or a complete clean in 5 minutes. The 2 UV-C LED light inside is non-toxic and made without mercury like many UV lamps in the market. The design will also ensure that the UV-C led light will switch off automatically when the box is opened so the user will not be exposed to the UV-C light. The lights have a lifecycle of 10.000 hours.Print Technique: SC, UV Preferred Print Location: Top Max Print Size: 60 x 40mm Product Size: 4.3 x 12.6 x 20.4cm

Human Sanitizing Tunnel

100% customizable, easy to install, cost effective and unique product for all public places. Equipped with motion-sensors, it sprays mists of chemical (Approved by Dubai Municipality) + water and disinfects clothes, shoes and body in few seconds The booths come in various finishes, and can be ordered as a Transparent, Aluminum or PVC booth and are made in various sizes due to space restrictions at the designated area. Sanitizing Tunnels are disinfection passageways for human use, which sprays the person passing inside with high level disinfectant and sanitizer, killing 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi and spores.SUITABLE FOR: Airports, Malls / Commercial Centers, Hotels, Supermarkets Staff Accommodation, Public Transport, Construction Sites, Healthcare, Public Events, in the future Office Buildings, Residential Buildings, Large Villas, Places of Worship, Food & Beverage Outlets

Kathu – Cotton Cap

Hans Larsen Caps AHWHL 187 - Black AHWHL 188 - White AHWHL 189 - Navy BlueHeavy Brushed 6 Panel Classic cotton cap with button that allow you to put the mask straps around the buttons instead of your ears, a more comfortable way to wear face cover!Print Technique: UV, SC, EMB Preferred Print Location: Front Max Print Size: 80 x 30mm

KN95 – Face Mask

The Kn95 Mask is designed to protect mouth and nose from particles and germs. This mask blocks out at least 94% of particles and tests well in environments of sodium chloride (NaCl). Careful testing ensures that masks with the Kn95 designation are able to offer optimal protection and excellent filtration. This allows it to keep wearers safe in a variety of locations and situations from exposure to medical hazards to airborne dust. Each mask is designed to fit closely against the face, with extra snug sections along the bridge of the nose and the chin. To augment this tight fit, the ear straps are soft and comfortable, making it possible to wear these masks for several hours without pain. In extremely dusty environments masks should be replaced frequently, as particle buildup can inhibit breathing. Men should shave around the mask area to ensure highest effectiveness. Keep yourself safe in dangerous air with a highly rated protective mask.

Maroni – Protect Face Mask

SANTHOME Protect Face Mask AHWSN 191 M - Black AHWSN 192 M - Grey AHWSN 193 M - Navy Blue AHWSN 194 L - Black AHWSN 195 L - Grey AHWSN 196 L - Navy BlueReusable non-medical face mask with 6 layer triple filtration system. The comfortable design with adjustable nose clip, soft elastic ear loops and soft materials that prevent heat built-up ensures this mask can be used for a long time. Certified Bacterial Filtration Efficiency and Particulate Filtration efficiency of over 95% (>3 micron). Reusable up to 30 washes.Print Technique: SC, HT Preferred Print Location: Side Max Print Size: 40 x 50mm Product Size: Medium 20 x 13cm / Large 24 x 15cm

Mask Extension

• Available Color: Black & White • Application: Suitable for most of the ear mounted masks to reduce the pressure and fatigue on the ears. • Design: There are 3 adjustable positions, clip the mask on the neck or the back of the head, and free the ears • Your Logo: What better way to be in the minds of your customers than an accessory having your logo and required to be used daily! Space to add custom logo!

Mask Extension Strap

Mask Accessories AMCMS 103 - Black AMCMS 104 - WhiteApplication: Suitable for most of the ear-mounted masks to reduce the pressure and fatigue on the ears. Design: There are 3 adjustable positions to clip the mask on the neck or the back of the head and free the ears from the pressure Your Logo: Great brand visibility as your customers will use this product daily

Masty – Anti-Microbial Plastic Keyring

Giftology Anti-Microbial Keyring Tools AMTGL 843 - White AMTGL 844 - Blue AMTGL 845 - Red AMTGL 846 - GreenA robust hygiene tool that allows the user to open doors and push buttons without any direct contact. Manufactured from strengthened materials for extra durability. This product contains antimicrobial technology that provides protection against the growth of harmful micro-organisms for the lifetime of the product. Supplied as a keychain.Print Technique: UV, SC Preferred Print Location: Front Max Print Size: 30 x 6mm Product Size: 8 x 3.5 x 0.4cm