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Face Shield – Disposable

Effectively protect your entire face safety, the virus comes into eyes by flying dust, spittle Face Shields are comfortable to wear; long-time wearing protective glasses is harm to eyes and skin The price of Face Shields is low, just 1/4 of protective glasses Face Shield uses high transparent environmental protection substrate with high definition, no harm to

Face Shield – Replaceable

Plastic Frame with Replaceable Anti-fog Acetate Shield

Foot Pedal Dispenser Board

• Wood in white paint finish • Includes printing of your artwork to full front panel • Comes with 500ml hand sanitizer (stock refill AED30) • Free delivery in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman

Footwear Sanitizing Floor Mat

Mats of 600 x 450mm holds up to 1.8 Liters of disinfectant solution.Mats with attachable and detachable dust and drying mat combinations.Various sized combinations can be secured by attaching interlockable mats - made to order.5mm raised and beveled edge prevents overflowing of the solution.14mm high round headed pins with reinforced base100 x 100mm removable pad in the corner for easy drain and cleaningSpecially designed to prevent spread of COVID19 virus through footwear also a dust and dirt free premisesSuitable for entrance and exits of premises like Malls, Offices, Home, Hotels, School & Gym etc.

Forza Ragazzi – Coverall

Forza Ragazzi Coverall AHWFR 116High quality Italian coveralls from Forza Ragazzi brand are CE certified, pass the blood test (superior test to water test) and are UV sanitized for 30 minutes before delivery. You can be assured of receiving the highest quality coveralls at a great value because these coveralls are reusable after a cold wash.Available in 50GSM or 70GSM

Forza Ragazzi – Face Shield

AHWFR 110 - 0.3mm AHWFR 111 - 0.5mm AHWFR 112 - Swivel• Soft foam for comfort • Medicated foam for sweat and stain proofing • UV sanitized for 30 mins before delivery • Re-usableFace Shields are made and designed in Italy, by Italian doctors with the goal to inspire the people, and to provide a high quality and comfortable product. Face shields come in 3 models: 0.3mm and 0.5mm shield thickness which are suitable for civilian use, and a 0.5mm swivel model which is suitable for medical use. Further, all Forza Ragazzi face shields are made with 4cm comfort elastic band, metal rivets and joints, and a medicated comfort foam for forehead comfort and sweat rash protection. Face shield is UV sanitized for 30 minutes before delivery.