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Acrylic Protection Screen

• 4mm Clear Acrylic • Free Standing • Can be branded with your logo or message

Automatic Hand Sanitizer

Keep your hands clean all day with our hand disinfectant dispenser. We offer automatic disinfectant dispenser at affordable prices.• Easy disassembly and assembly • Suitable for all kinds of public places • Choose from accessories like the tray, Table top, Back plate and floor stand • Free touch: Infrared sensor to make a very fast reaction in 0.25S • Materials: antibacterial housing to avoid germs stay • Spray volume: Adjustable liquid volume to suit high demands • Spray angle: Large spray range, liquid full surround on your hands • Liquid tray: This extra part will catch the liquid residual to keep floor remains clean • Free installation: Stick it at anywhere • Power supply: one more choice, Battery operation and AC/DC adaptor operation

Foot Pedal Dispenser Board

• Wood in white paint finish • Includes printing of your artwork to full front panel • Comes with 500ml hand sanitizer (stock refill AED30) • Free delivery in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman

Footwear Sanitizing Floor Mat

Mats of 600 x 450mm holds up to 1.8 Liters of disinfectant solution.Mats with attachable and detachable dust and drying mat combinations.Various sized combinations can be secured by attaching interlockable mats - made to order.5mm raised and beveled edge prevents overflowing of the solution.14mm high round headed pins with reinforced base100 x 100mm removable pad in the corner for easy drain and cleaningSpecially designed to prevent spread of COVID19 virus through footwear also a dust and dirt free premisesSuitable for entrance and exits of premises like Malls, Offices, Home, Hotels, School & Gym etc.

Human Sanitizing Tunnel

100% customizable, easy to install, cost effective and unique product for all public places. Equipped with motion-sensors, it sprays mists of chemical (Approved by Dubai Municipality) + water and disinfects clothes, shoes and body in few seconds The booths come in various finishes, and can be ordered as a Transparent, Aluminum or PVC booth and are made in various sizes due to space restrictions at the designated area. Sanitizing Tunnels are disinfection passageways for human use, which sprays the person passing inside with high level disinfectant and sanitizer, killing 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi and spores.SUITABLE FOR: Airports, Malls / Commercial Centers, Hotels, Supermarkets Staff Accommodation, Public Transport, Construction Sites, Healthcare, Public Events, in the future Office Buildings, Residential Buildings, Large Villas, Places of Worship, Food & Beverage Outlets

Mask Extension

• Available Color: Black & White • Application: Suitable for most of the ear mounted masks to reduce the pressure and fatigue on the ears. • Design: There are 3 adjustable positions, clip the mask on the neck or the back of the head, and free the ears • Your Logo: What better way to be in the minds of your customers than an accessory having your logo and required to be used daily! Space to add custom logo!

Pedal Operation (Hand Sanitizer Dispenser)

Pedal Operation Hand Sanitizer Dispenser• Zero Maintenance Cost • Regular Color in Black • Customizable Color based On Your Brand • Can Be Branded with Your Logo and Message • Free Delivery for Order of 2 or More • Includes 500ml Hand Sanitizer Gel • Locally Produced in U. A. E.

Spray Pen

• Contains alcohol • Kills 99.9% of germs • Easy to fill • 3ml alcohol • 40 times spray

UV Sanitizing Lamp

UV Sanitizing Technology - Kills 99.9% of Germs - Sanitize All Your Belongings In Just A Few Minutes - Hand-Held Version To Take On-The-Go