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BEVAGE – Coffee Go Mug

XD Design Drinkware ADWXD 811 - Black ADWXD 812 - Silver ADWXD 813 - White • Convenient Small Size, 160ml • Fits Most Coffee Machines • Spill-Proof Lid Less is more. With a 8cm length this is the perfect double wall mug for your coffee machine. PP inner. Great for your Espressos and Cappuccinos. Nice handle for a 1 hand drinking. Easy twist spill proof lid. Hand washable only. Content 160ml. Registered design. Print Technique: UV, ENG, SC Preferred Print Location: Front Max Print Size: 25 x 20mm Product Size: 10 Ø7cm

Café Flore

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Café Flore 2 piece porcelain espresso set with cups, saucers and porcelain spoons. Size : 22 x 16 x 6 cm Print Info : 60 x 30 mm

DIA – Stainless Steel Coffee Mug

XD Design Drinkware ADWXD 501 - Black ADWXD 502 - White ADWXD 503 - Red ADWXD 504 - Blue ADWXD 505 - Lime • 227ml; Double Walled • Easy To Clean • Leak Proof • Fits Under Your Coffee Machine Closable, insulated and compact enough for under the coffee machine (227ml). It is also very hygienic because the lining of the mug is made of stainless steel and not from plastic. Designed to be completely dismantled at the end of its life-cycle. Registered design® Print Technique: UV, SC Preferred Print Location: Center Max Print Size: (Flat)25 x 60mm, (Round)170 x 60mm Product Size: 9.2 x 8.5 x 10.2cm


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C170 Bicolour ceramic coffee mug with colour matching spoon, 250ml. Size : Ø10 x 12cm Print Info : 40 x 20mm

EUNOIA – Anti-Spill Mug with Blue lid

Hans Larsen ADWHL 205 - White ADWHL 206 - Blue ADWHL 207 - Grey Hans Larsen 470 ml Double walled suction mug with outer body made from BPA free ABS and inside made from high grade stainless steel (SS 304) to ensure that your drink maintains its temperature for a long time. Strong vacuum suction pad at the bottom ensures that the mug holds firmly to the surface on which it is placed. Never worry about the drink spilling on to your table because it does not fall! leak proof lid allows you to keep the mug in the bag, on your car seat, anywhere!

Le Flore

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Le Flore Porcelain coffee mug and spoon with coaster presented in gift box. Size : 33.8 x 13.5 x 8.8 cm Print Info : 30 x 20 mm

LOCK MUG – Leak-proof Mug

XD Design Drinkware ADWXD 721 - Black ADWXD 722 - Blue ADWXD 723 - Green • 250ml Leak Proof Mug • One Hand Operation • Lockable Lid • Can be Completely Disassembled By Recycling Lock allows you to safely drink and transport your drink to any location. The 250ml mug is easy to lock with one hand and made from durable201 stainless steel with an inside PP lining. designed so that the mug is easy to take apart from recycling. Registered Design. Print Technique: UV, SC Preferred Print Location: Front Max Print Size: (Flat)25 x 90mm, (Round)195 x 120mm Product Size: 6.8 x 8.1 x 20cm

MOSA Flask – 500ml Stainless Steel Flask

XD Design Drinkware ADWXD 820 - Black ADWXD 821 - Silver • Trendy Geometric Design • Durable 201 Stainless Steel Mosa is a fashionable 500ml double wall vacuum flask in durable 201 stainless steel. The flask closes with a PP lid that can be used to enjoy your hot beverages. Registered Design. Print Technique: UV, SC Preferred Print Location: Front Bottom Max Print Size: (Flat)25 x 80mm, (Round)200 x 80mm Product Size: 23.5 x Ø6.9cm

MOSA Tumbler – 300 ml

XD Design Drinkware ADWXD 718 - Silver ADWXD 719 - Black Mosa is a fashionable 300ml tumbler from durable 201 stainless steel with an inside PP lining. Registered design. Print Technique: UV, SC Preferred Print Location: Front Bottom Max Print Size: (Flat)25 x 50mm, (Round)200 x 50mm Product Size: 15.5 x Ø7cm

Two Tone Ceramic Mugs

B168 Ceramic mugs with two tones have an overall white construction with the exception of the interior and handle. These bulk ceramic mugs are inventive and distinctive enough to catch people’s eyes. These mugs have a 325 ml capacity overall, which is adequate. These personalized mugs are inexpensive, portable, and easy to fasten. These wholesale ceramic mugs can also be personalized with a corporate logo, cafeteria logo, or any other message you like. Additionally, the sublimation coating on these vibrant mugs is strong and does not come off easily. With the aid of mug printing in Dubai, you may also personalize these inexpensive custom mugs with the logo of a company, eatery, or any message you like. These mugs make fantastic presents for gatherings and festivities. They can be used for social gatherings with friends and family as well as corporate or business events where you might be drinking coffee or another beverage. These customized mugs are excellent and original. • Durable and long-lasting ceramic material. • Colorful branded mugs • Customized for friends and family. • 325 capacity for beverages. • Unique and elegant design. • Sublimation printing for a colorful mug printing in Dubai. • Comes in a dual tone. • Colorful ceramic handle.

URBAN – Stainless Steel Mug

XD Design Drinkware AUI 1261 Urban is a 400ml metal exterior mug which is ideal to use on your desk and to enjoy your coffee or tea. Stainless steel exterior has young & rich colors to add to the experience. Registered design Print Technique: SC Preferred Print Location: Center Max Print Size: (Flat) 30 x 70mm Product Size: 15 x 8 x 11.5cm

Vivo V&B – Basic White Coffee Mug

Vivo-Villeroy & Boch Group: Mugs AHLVB 108 Basic white 300ml mug MADE IN GERMANY with elegant design in versatile classic white. These mugs are a perfect office desk companion. Dishwasher and Microwave safe.