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ECO-Neutral Notebook
ANB 1001 – Black
ANB 1001 – Dark Blue

Caderno A5 hardcover notebook

Colmar – Notebook Sleeve with Powerbank

Pierre Cardin Power Series

• Endless usage, refillable notebook sleeve
• 4000mAh built-in powerbank
• With modern Pierre Cardin pen and notebook
• See-through window phone pocket
• LED lights to display available power

Printing Technique: SC, ENG
Preferred Print Location: Front
Max Print Size: 50 x 30mm

Printing Technique: UV, SC, ENG
Preferred Print Location: Barrel
Max Print Size: 60 x 40mm


eco-neutral Notebook & Pen Sets

eco-neutral Notebook made out of natural cork with 160 pages of 80g. With black page divider and black elastic band. Including bamboo pen with stylus tip and ballpoint. Eco-friendly set packing box.

Print Technique: UV
Preferred Print Location: Book Botton Center
Max Print Size: 140 x 205mm(Book) 25 x 6mm(Pen)

Cotoun A6/A5

ANB 1004

A6 Notebook with 1 60 pages-needed, very colored papers, Cotton Cover and packed in a Craft Paper Box All Eco-Friendly!

This unique Eco-Friendly bookmark made from recycled papers is part of every NB 1 003 & NB 1 004 Notebook. Use the sticky notes for temporary observation and of every Use the save the book for long time usage! a thoughtful design!! All Eco-Friendly!!!Bottom Center

Product Size: 10 x 14.5 x 1cm
Max Print Size: 100 x 145mm (A6)

Kessel – Wireless Powerbank 4400mAh with Notebook

Giftology A5 Powerbank Tech Notebook

• 4400mAh Wireless Powerbank
• Refillable A5 Notebook
• Smart Pockets To Keep Essentials

Write your daily notes and charge your phone at the same time! notebook contains 160 pages cream paper of 80g/m2, a built in powerbank with 4400mAh capacity and a 5 Watt Wireless charger. Input: 5v/2A. Output (Wired): 5v/2A. Output (Wireless): 5 Watt. Packed in a gift box.

Print Technique: SC, ENG, UV
Preferred Print Location: Front
Max Print Size: 120 x 200mm
Product Size: 24 x 18 x 2.5cm

Orsha – Notebooks

Santhome Anti-Bacteria Notebooks
ANBSN 641 – Black
ANBSN 642 – Grey
ANBSN 643 – Navy Blue

• Cover made from recycled plastic (rPET) & treated with silver-ion Anti-Bacterial Technology
• FSC Certified Paper
• A5 Ruled Notebook, 160 Pages.

A notebook that cares for you and for the environment. The cover of the notebook is made from recycled plastic (rPET) in a GRS Certified factory that complies with global recycling standards and is treated with anti-microbial technology to provide protection against the growth of harmful micro-organisms. The paper used in this notebook is acid-free and FSC Certified. A5 notebook with 160 ruled pages each of 70gsm.

Print Technique: HT, SC
Preferred Print Location: Front
Max Print Size: 120 x 200mm
Product Size: 14 x 21 x 1.4cm

Pessac – A5 Refillable Notebook with Wireless Charger

Santhome Tech Notebook

• Refillable A5 Notebook
• 5w Wireless Charger Built-In to the Notebook
• 160 Pages; 70gsm

Pessac is a unique A5 refillable notebook with 5 watt wireless charger. made from premium interwoven fabric for smooth touch. Notebook consists of 80 sheets/160 pages each of 70gsm. Input: 5v/1A; Wireless output: 5w

Print Technique: SC
Preferred Print Location: Front
Max Print Size: 115 x 180mm
Product Size: 21 x 13.5 x 1.4cm

Senta – A5 Notebook with 16gb Sandisk USB flash drive

Giftology Tech Notebook
ANBGL 211 – Black/Grey
ANBGL 212 – Black/Aqua Blue
ANBGL 213 – Black/Red
ANBGL 214 – Black/Orange

• A5 Hard Cover Notebook
• Taiwan – Made Sandisk 16gb
• Ruled 160 Pages Each 70gsm
• Elastic Closure

Senta is an A5 notebook with 16gb Original Taiwan made Sandisk USB flash drive. The notebook consists of 160pages each 70gsm

Print Technique: SC
Preferred Print Location: Front
Max Print Size: 115 x 180mm
Product Size: 13 x 21 x 1.4cm