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Santhome Cardholder cum Wallet ALASN 601 - Red ALASN 602 - Pink ALASN 603 - Brown ALASN 604 - Camel ALASN 605 - Navy Blue ALASN 630 - Black • RFID Protection Wallet • Slide-Open Mechanism • Designed In Europe SECURITY FOR YOU Cardholder cum Wallet with RFID protection. Designed in Europe Print Technique : SC, UV, ENG, EMB Preferred Print Location : Front Top Max Print Size : 50x50mm Product Size : 7 x 9.8 x 2cm


MP 906 Metal stylus pens with matching metal box packaging Print Technique: UV, SC, Eng Print Location: Center Max Print Size: 35 x 6mm Product Size: Pen = 13.5 x 1.2cm; Packing Size 11 x 5.5 x 1cm


ADT 631 Elegant desktop clock with Islamic/Qibla compass. The clock is with a face of roman numerals, polished red wood finish and solid brass accents. This timeless clock compass will add charm to any office or borne study. Print Technique: Sc, UV, Eng Preferred Print Location: Top Max Print Size: 55 x 55mm Product Size: 7.5 x 7.5 x 3.5cm


ADT 586 High quality metal desk set consisting of pen holder, business card holder, stapler, 2-hole punch and clock. Packed in a black box. Print Technique: SC, Eng Preferred Print Location : Front Bottom Center Max Print Size: • Clock: 50 x 15mm Print Style(SC, Eng) • Card Holder : 50 x 2Omm (UV, Eng, Sc) • Stapler : 50 x 10mm (Sc, Eng) • Pen Holder: 35 x 4 0mm (UV, Eng, SC) • Holder Pouch : 70 x 30 mm (UV, Eng, SC) Packing Size : 26 x 23 x 5.5cm

Zabari – Travel Set (Pillow and Eyemask in Pouch)

Santhome Travel Accessories ATASN 101 • Set Consisting of Neck Pillow & Eye Mask • Foldable Design For Easy & Compact Carry • Comfort Lifestyle Product Prevent neck, shoulder and head complaints with this micro bead neck pillow. The U-shape of this super soft neck pillow guarantees optimal support for your neck, shoulders and head during long or short trips. Also included is an eye mask for a good sleep. Neck Pillow and Eye Mask fold inside a compact, easy to carry pouch. Print Technique: SC, HT Preferred Print Location: Pouch Max Print Size: 70 x 90mm Product Size: 45 x Ø16cm


SB 1023 Capsule Shape Stress Reliever Print Technique: SC Preferred Print Location: Front Max Print Size : 70 x 10 mm Product Size : 5 x 11 x 4cm

Zephyr – Cooler Bag

Santhome Cooler Bag ASN 5002 • Fold The Santhome Lunch Bag • Place It in The Freezer Overnight • Lunch Bag And Pack Your Lunch • Your Lunch Will Stay Cool And Fresh For Up To 9 Hours Print Technique: SC Preferred Print Location: Flap Max Print Size: 160 x 80mm Product Size: 26 x 21 x 14cm


MP 912 B Print Technique: UV, SC, Eng Print Location: Next to Clip Print Size: 230 x 6mm Colors : Black & Grey