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XD Design Drinkware ADWXD 811 - Black ADWXD 812 - Silver ADWXD 813 - White • Convenient Small Size, 160ml • Fits Most Coffee Machines • Spill-Proof Lid Less is more. With a 8cm length this is the perfect double wall mug for your coffee machine. PP inner. Great for your Espressos and Cappuccinos. Nice handle for a 1 hand drinking. Easy twist spill proof lid. Hand washable only. Content 160ml. Registered design. Print Technique: UV, ENG, SC Preferred Print Location: Front Max Print Size: 25 x 20mm Product Size: 10 Ø7cm


Brand: Bullet Material: Aluminium, ABS Plastic Item number: B10431700 Weight: 27.5 Length 6.5 Description Bezou light up key light. Single white LED light with push button power control at the back. Ideal to engrave, as your logo will pop up when pulling out the barrel. Metal split key ring. Batteries included. ABS plastic and aluminium.


Desktops & Desk Clocks ADT 636 Foldable, heavy brushed metal cock with separate panel for logo branding. Packed in a white box. Print Technique: SC, ENG, DM Preferred Print Location: Front Max Print Size : Ø35mm Product Size : 5 x 5 x 1.5cm


AMP 883 - (Black Ink) AMP 883 A - (Blue Ink) Bolt is a complete stainless steel ballpoint pen with matte finish. The can be refill blue ink cartridge, with capacity of at least 2 kilometer of ink. Regitered Design Print Technique: UV, SC, Eng Prepared Print Location Next to clip Max Print Size: 35 x 6mm Product Size: 14 x 1.2cm

Bopp Mini – Water Bottle

XD Design Drinkware AUI 1270 Bopp Mini is a compact 350ml bottle with a matte body and with attached carabiner that makes it easy to clip onto your bag, belt or other gear you take with you. Registered design® Print Technique: UV, SC, ENG Preferred Print Location: Front Down Max Print Size: (Flat) 25 x 90mm | (Round) 180 x 150mm Product Size: 18 x Ø6.4cm

Bopp Sport

XD Design Drinkware ADWXD 602 - Black ADWXD 603 - Blue ADWXD 604 - Red Bopp Sport is a remarkable sports bottle. The iconic shape gives multiple solutions to carrying the 550ml bottle. The leakproof closure can be easily opened and closed for immediate use. Made of durable Tritan material. Registered design Print Technique: SC, UV Preferred Print Location: Cap / Front Down Max Print Size: 35 x 15mm Product Size: 24.1 x ø6.8cm

Breeze – Laptop Cooling Fan

Desk Tech Accessories AUD 735 Expandable, USB powered laptop cooling fan that pushes a constant stream of cool air through your system, ensuring that it remains as cool as possible. Doubles as a laptop stand Print Technique: UV, SC Preferred Print Location: Top Right Max Print Size: 30 x 20mm Product Size: 22 x 9 x 2cm

Bukie – 4000 mAh Powerbank with Notebook Look

Memorii Powerbanks AITPB 790 - Black AITPB 791 - Red AITPB 792 - Blue Bukie is a 4000mAh powerbank that looks like a notebook and is therefore a perfect business accessory. It comes with sticky notes, a smartphone holder and also contains a cable to connect your smartphone. A nice and playful gift. Input 5v/1A. Print Technique: SC, ENG, UV, EMB Preferred Print Location: Front Max Print Size: 135 x 92mm Product Size: 14 x 9.5 x 1.7cm


APP 265 Retractable Ballpoint Pen made from recycled bottles PET material. Print Technique: UV, SC Print Location: Barrel Max Print Size: 40 x 4mm Product Size: 14.3 x l.2cm


AMP 905 Colors: Grey, Blue, White & Black Metal Pen in PB 1053 Paper box Print Technique: UV, SC, Eng Print Location: Next to clip Print Size: 40 x 4mm Product Size: 14 x 1.2cm Packing Size: 3 x 16.2 x 1.2cm