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5 in 1 Multi-function Pen USB 8GB

Multifunction Pen USB BUSB-53 For those who enjoy technology, our 8GB 5 in 1 Multifunction Pen USB is a fantastic option. Therefore, this beautiful metal pen with USB is a small, multipurpose promotional pen. It has two useful light choices and is perfect for writing and moving files from one device to another. One choice is to use a laser pointer with a red light beam for various tasks and an LED flashlight to illuminate dark locations. Additionally, in addition to doing the aforementioned tasks, this personalized pen also doubles as a money detector. Second, this promotional USB pen is ideal for use as a corporate giveaway or promotional present, much like many other things of your brand, company, or business. Additionally, this USB pen makes a great technological present. So you may add a logo to a USB pen to make it a printed USB pen by using options for laser marking and screen printing. This custom USB pen is a high-quality present option if you’re considering gifting your friend one. • 5 in 1 USB pen with customization options • Safe for archiving private documents. • The data transfer is quicker without drivers. • Long-lasting and trustworthy money detection.

Antibacterial Pens Maxema Icon Green

Antibacterial Pens Maxema Antibacterial Pens are made of non-toxic plastics, have a long lifespan, and is made to have a low chance of releasing harmful substances into the environment. In addition to allowing us to fully explain the idea of marketing, using a pen as much as possible reduces pollution. Made of plastic suitable for toy manufacture. It is made of antibacterial plastic with a unique ingredient that emits silver ions to stop bacteria from growing on the pen’s surface. so it can be a valuable promotional gift. • ABS plastic is a non-toxic, incredibly resilient material. • Writing: 2000 meters of X-20 refill. • Highlight: twist-action • Solid hues with a glossy shine

Ball Pens USB Flash 8GB

Ball Pens with USB 8GB BUSB-49-BK-S You can get a 2-in-1 amazing combination of two often-used everyday goods with ballpoint pens with USB. This metal pen with USB has a rubberized barrel and a metallic design that makes it a great promotional item. You can personalize the USB pen with the logo of your company or business using several printing techniques. Second, giving your consumers this USB pen with a logo at promotional events is a great idea. Therefore, it works best as a promotional item to demonstrate your passion for technology and progress. Additionally, it is a thoughtful present for those with hectic schedules, such as office workers who want products for the on-the-go. This multi-purpose promotional pen has a distinctive metallic finish that makes it ideal for giving as a token of affection and warmth to superiors and government officials. Additionally, you can add the names of your friends and lovers to these pens and give them as gifts. Additionally, the USB flash pen in black has a laser engraving option. • 8GB of available data storage. • The metallic-finished framework is stylish. • Features a refill that can be changed. • Structure with engraving. • Promotional pen with multiple uses. • Black and silver are the hues offered.

Big Logo Plastic Pens

B101 Big logo plastic pens are premium writing instruments. They made their creations out of incredibly durable recycled plastic. They are therefore safe to use. It has a textured, semi-matte finish. As a result, it appears shiny. This premium pen has a really beautiful appearance. It has a distinctive clip with a spherical region and a bright plastic barrel. The spherical portion is silver in hue. The logos can be printed on this circular region. The clip can be fastened. You can therefore fasten it to your shirt or purse. It includes a digital printing option with epoxy. For your business, you may therefore personalize these promotional logo pens. This pen has a push-button operation. As a result, you may turn the nib on and off. It is also portable and lightweight. The clip’s spherical region can be used for printing. Consequently, these promotional logo pens will assist you in luring in new clients. These would make great promotional presents in Qatar. These pens can be personalized with the names of your loved ones. Printing Option • Digital Printing with Epoxy Doming


AMP 883 - (Black Ink) AMP 883 A - (Blue Ink) Bolt is a complete stainless steel ballpoint pen with matte finish. The can be refill blue ink cartridge, with capacity of at least 2 kilometer of ink. Regitered Design Print Technique: UV, SC, Eng Prepared Print Location Next to clip Max Print Size: 35 x 6mm Product Size: 14 x 1.2cm


APP 265 Retractable Ballpoint Pen made from recycled bottles PET material. Print Technique: UV, SC Print Location: Barrel Max Print Size: 40 x 4mm Product Size: 14.3 x l.2cm


AMP 905 Colors: Grey, Blue, White & Black Metal Pen in PB 1053 Paper box Print Technique: UV, SC, Eng Print Location: Next to clip Print Size: 40 x 4mm Product Size: 14 x 1.2cm Packing Size: 3 x 16.2 x 1.2cm


UMA Writing Instruments APP 244 Twist ballpoint pen with shiny solid colored body, heavy, matte chrome metal tip and metal clip Print Technique: UV, SC Preferred Print Location: Barrel Max Print Size: 40 x 6mm Product Size: 14.5 x Ø1.3cm


XD Design Writing Instrument AMP 895 Color Available: Green & Anthracite Curba is a stainless steel ballpoint pen where round simplicity and finish makes the design. The pen can be refilled. Registered design. Print Technique: UV, SV, Eng Preferred Print Location: Next to clip Max Print Size: 35 x 6mm Product Size: 14 x 1.2cm


APP 254 Print Technique: UV, SC Print Location: Barrel Max Print Size: 35 x 6mm Product Size: 15 x 1.5cm


The pen for FOOTBALL lovers APP 252 Print Technique: UV, SC Print Location: Barrel Max Print Size: 40 x 6mm Product Size: 14 x 1.4cm