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MP 810 R & MP 810 B

Product Size : 14 x 1.4 cms Print T : UV, SC, Eng Print L : Next to Clip Print Size : W = 225 x H = 6 mm

MP Pen

AMP 865 Print Technique: UV, SC, Eng Print Location: Barrel Max Print Size: 25 x 6mm Product Size : 14 x 1.4cm


APP 273 Retractable Ballpoint pen with curved clip. Made of biodegradable plastic according to DIN EN 134322000 - l 2. Barrel and push button in uniform natural colors. Product Size: 14.3 x l.3cm


XD Design Stylus Pen AWIXD 507 AWIXD 508 You can work faster and easier on your telephone and tablet with the special touch screen pen. This Nino metal has a modern sunken clip.

PB 1004

Single Pen Box Product Size : 16 x 2.5 x 2.5cm


UMA Writing Instrument APP 236 Retractable ballpoint pen Print Technique: UV, SC Print Location: Barrel Max Print Size: 40 x 6mm Product Size: 14.5 x 1.3cm