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Sovereign – Stylus Ballpoint Pen with Laser

Specification: Brand : Bullet Item number : B12347500 Weight : 23 gram Color : Silver Height : 0 cm Width : 0 cm Length : 12.3 cm Description: Sovereign stylus ballpoint pen with laser. Ballpoint laser pen with removable cap, stylus tip, button activated white LED light and red laser pointer with an effective laser distance of 50 meters. Batteries included. Brass.


UMA Writing Instrument APP 240 Retractable ballpoint pen with solid - colored transparent frosted barrel and clip, silver retractable cap Print Technique: UV, SC Print Location: Barrel Max Print Size: 40 x 4 mm Product Size: 15 x Ø1.3cm


XD Design Writing Instrument AWIXD 501-503 When you put a spin on a regular stylus, you get one which is a 360-degree ergonomic pen. Spin is an aluminum 360-degree ergonomic stylus pen with 6 clips so you can attach it anywhere you want. The pen comes with a blue and black refill. Print Technique: UV, SC Preferred Print Location: Barrel Max Print Size: 30 x 5mm Product Size: 14.5 x Ø1.2cm


UMA Writing Instrument AMP 921 UMA Metal Pens From Germany Printing Technique: UV, SC, Eng Preferred Print Location: Next to clip Max Print Size: 30 x 5.5mm Product Size: 14 x Ø1.2cm


UMA Writing Instrument APP 242 Retractable ballpoint pen in white with transparent frosted soft-grip zone, fitting and clip shell Print Technique: UV, SC Print Location: Barrel Max Print Size: 40 x 6mm Product Size: 14.5 x 1.3cm

Surf QR

APP 272 Retractable Ballpoint pen with square clip for QR code printing. Shiny silver tip and push-button. Print Technique: UV, SC, DM Print Location: Clip Max Print Size: 15 x l5mm Product Size: 14 x 1.3cm

Swansea Ballpoint Pen

Specification: Brand : Bullet Item number : 10630903 Weight : 14 gram Color : White,Green Height : 0 cm Width : 0 cm Length : 14.6 cm Description: Swansea ballpoint pen. Ballpoint pen with twist action mechanism. ABS Plastic.

Tag Green

objective: total safety Nature friendly Made of non-toxic plastics, it has been designed to have a long life and to minimize the risk of harmful substances being released into the environment. Using a pen for as long as possible helps to reduce pollution and enables us to give full expression to the concept of promotion. Green Chemical It does not contain dioxin, phthalates, bisphenol A, antimony, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chrome, mercury, lead, polybrominated biphenyls (PBBs), polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) or deca-BDE Looking to the future Made of plastic suitable for toy manufacture (according to European standard EN 71-03 and U.S. FDA regulations). Anti Bacterial It is made of antibacterial plastic containing a special additive which releases silver ions that prevent bacteria from colonizing the surface of the pen CLP Compliant It is rated as non hazardous pursuant to the Regulation on Classification, Labeling and Packaging. Really Safe The plastics employed are compliant with European and American FDA food contact regulations


UMA Writing Instruments APP 251 Twist ballpoint pen with shiny solid colored body, heavy, matte chrome metal tip and metal clip Print Technique: UV, SC Preferred Print Location: Barrel Max Print Size: 40 x 6mm Product Size: 14.4 x Ø1.2cm