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Habry – UV-C Sterilization Pouch

Santhome Protect AITSN 104 • UV-C Kills 99.9% Bacteria • 2 Different Zippered Compartments, for UV-C & for Holding Travel & Daily Accessories • Sterilize On-The-Go • Use Your Own Powerbank / Power Source or Check with Us for Our Range of Powerbanks • Non-Toxic; Without Mercury Everyday use pouch that keeps your daily articles SAFE and HYGIENIC. This pouch has a special compartment with UV-C light that kills 99.9% bacteria on the item kept in the compartment. This UV-C compartment can help you with sterilizing your currency, passport, boarding pass, phone etc that are generally prone to multiple contact with bacteria surfaces by just connecting a cable provided on the back pocket to a power source such as laptop or powerbank. Another zipper compartment features a zipper pocket for keys, currency, coin etc., pocket to hold multiple passports and has space for your everyday electronic accessories. Packed in a Santhome gift box. Print Technique: SC, HT Preferred Print Location: Front Bottom Max Print Size: 75 x 70mm Product Size: 21.5 x 13 x 4.5cm


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Toiletry bag with 2 compartment in 600D polyester and PVC 6 Phthlate free. With strap closure. Size : 21 x 14.5 cm Print Info : 150 x 60 mm


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Smartphone sleeve in shiny colourful heat sealed PVC. Size : 13.2 x 8.2 cm Print Info : 50 x 50 mm


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Zipped 12 inch laptop pouch and portfolio with inner compartments. Made in PU leather and neoprene. Include a 25 page blank notepad. Size : 35 x 5.5 x 27 cm Print Info : 220 x 200 mm


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Transparent PVC cosmetic pouch with zipper. Size : 24 x 7 x 20 cm Print Info : 120 x 60 mm


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Neoprene coloured pouch with contrasted trimming ideal store your tablet. Size : 26 x 21 x 1 cm


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Toiletry bag in microfiber and PVC 6 Phthalate free, with wrist handle. Size : 23 x 14.5 x 10 cm Print Info : 120 x 60 mm

Vaduz – Pouch with UV-C Sterilizer

Santhome Protect UV-C Sterilizer Pouch AITSN 102 UV-C sterilizer pouch that kills up to 99.9% of the bacteria on the item kept inside the pouch. Place objects like phone, earbuds, jewelry, watches and face mask inside the pouch and connect to a charging source such as a laptop or powerbank (for up to 5 min) to 100% sterilize them using UV-C technology. The external material of the pouch is treated with Antimicrobial agents for extra safety. The 2 UV-C LED light inside is non-toxic and made without mercury like many UV lamps in the market. The lights have a lifecycle of 10.000 hours. Print Technique: SC Preferred Print Location: Front Pocket Max Print Size: 75 x 70mm Product Size: 20 x 11.5 x 3cm