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But first things first:

Should you give gifts to your clients?

The answer is “Yes!”

You’ve been providing great value to your clients, but it’s always a good idea to show them your appreciation and gratitude. It shows them how important they’re to you and that you care about them.

Okay, now coming to the actual question:

When is it appropriate to give gifts to your clients?

You can give gifts to your clients whenever you want; there isn’t really any “Oops!” moment in corporate gift giving culture so to speak of. Still, we’ve compiled a list of occasions when you should consider giving corporate gifts to your clients.

On the achievement of a milestone

Has your organization recently achieved a milestone? If so, sending a thank you gift to your clients can be a great way of sharing your success with them. After all, whatever you have achieved today, it wouldn’t have been possible without them, right?

In the celebration of “their” business success

This can be a gift for winning a new contract, opening a new branch in another city or country, or even completing another successful year in the industry. It will show that you respect them and care about them doing well outside of your own direct business.

Just to keep in touch

You may have an old client who you haven’t been working with lately but want to maintain your business relationship with them. Sending a gift to them will show that you haven’t forgotten about them. It will also help them not to forget you!

Seasonal gifts

Seasonal gifts are very common and can be sent on Christmas, Eid, Easter, Hanukkah, Diwali as well as on days that are specific to certain cultures which your clients may celebrate. Make sure to choose a gift that fits well with the celebration.

There are so many occasions when giving corporate gifts to your clients is well-suited, that it’s almost impossible to recollect and list them all down in one place. However, we hope that the list above did help you come up with some useful ideas.

Happy corporate gift giving!

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