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Giving gifts to your clients is the best way to thank them and show them how important they are to you. It also further helps strengthen your business relationship with them.

That said, how do you choose a gift that fits the purpose, sends the right message, and more importantly is appreciated by your client? Make no mistake,a wrong corporate gift can badly mess things up.

To help you out, we decided to share some corporate gift shopping tips with you.

Always check corporate policies

Many companies have gift policies in place. These policies are mainly put in place to stop instances of bribery and corruption. Some policies may limit the types of gifts that can be received by your clients; some may limit the monetary value of a gift that you can give, while some may prohibit gift items entirely. It’s, therefore, advisable to check with your client to determine the limitations of gift giving at their company.

Determine what the client wants

You want to choose a gift that will excite your client. Or, at the very least, can be useful for them. This can be tricky to decide since you may not know your client personally. However, you can always ask them to determine what they would like. Don’t worry, it’s completely “normal” to ask. Yes, it may spoil the surprise, but then it may also get your client all buzzing with anticipation.

Go for quality

Okay, this is really important. The corporate gift will be a reflection of your business. As such, you should always choose the highest quality gift and avoid low-quality gift items. You don’t want your client to perceive your business in a negative light. While finding a quality corporate gift at low price may seem a far-fetched idea, it’s easily possible as there are many suppliers who sell quality gift items at a budget.

Spend on packaging

Last, but not the least, don’t be afraid to spend money on packaging. The packaging should look as good as the gift itself. You don’t want to be sending any mixed messages to your client by sending them a quality gift wrapped inside a poor packaging. A personalized handwritten card accompanying the neatly packed gift will add cherry on the cake.

Happy gift shopping!

About Bravura

Bravura is a premium supplier of luxury corporate gifts in Dubai. The company sells high quality gift items at affordable price. In addition, the company also offers digital printing, silkscreen printing, and offset printing services. To learn more, please call +971 4 44 16 304 or email at

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