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Promotional products and merchandising are quickly becoming a popular choice for marketing campaigns for brands. Why? Because it’s highly effective in impacting brand image, sales, customer retention, and much more.

Here’s why merchandising is absolutely worth every single penny!

It Adds More Value to Your Business

Merchandising adds a lot of value to your business, especially because it increases recall. Research shows that merchandising products help improve brand recall in nine out of ten consumers. Compared to traditional marketing methods that yield brand recall in two out of ten customers on average, merchandising greatly adds value to a business.

Additionally, the ROI on promotional products delivers a better return investment than traditional marketing techniques such as outdoor ads, signage, and so on.

Promotes Brand Association

With new businesses popping up almost every single day, consumers are now more spoiled for choice than ever.

Merchandising can help promote brand awareness and association, making your company stand out from the crowd. Unique, thoughtful, and high-quality merchandise can improve customer association— research shows that consumers are willing to switch their brand if offered a free or promotional gift with their purchase!  In fact, most participants in a survey even claimed that they don’t forget the advertiser or the product when given promotional products, making it an effective means to promote and maintain brand association in consumers.

It Boosts Brand Image and Awareness

A survey conducted by BPMA reported that around 87% of participants kept their promotional items or merchandise for over a year. More than half of the participants stated that promotional products improved their impression of a brand or organization, proving that merchandising is an effective means to boost brand image. Naturally, the longer a product is displayed or used, the higher the brand recall and the larger the impression.

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