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Sustainability is quickly becoming a priority for corporations around the world. According to Statista, almost 84% of corporations in technology, telecommunications, and media reported on sustainability.

In fact, apart from the retail sector, all sectors had a sustainability reporting rate above 70%. Businesses are gradually embracing sustainability as part of their corporate responsibility. 84% of executives think that having a sustainability strategy is crucial to remaining competitive today or in the near future.

An often underutilized tactic when it comes to sustainability strategy is utilizing corporate gifts to promote a culture of sustainability. Companies should put more emphasis on eco-friendly corporate gifts to show that they care about the environment, as well as to educate and inspire others to change their habits as well.

When it comes to eco-friendly corporate gifts, these are some of the best options you can utilize in your promotional strategies:

1. Bravura Eco-Friendly Desktop Organizer

When it comes to eco-friendly corporate gifts, this Eco-Friendly Desktop Organizer from Bravura is an amazingly practical gift. The desktop organizer is more than just an organizer as it also offers wireless charging, different slots for organizing your workplace items, and a mobile stand.

We can also customize this eco-friendly corporate gift as per your liking with SC or UV printing techniques.

2. Bravura Bamboo Power Bank

Just because you’re looking for an eco-friendly corporate gift, doesn’t mean you can’t have something tech-related which would excite your employees and clients alike! The 8000mAh Wireless Power Bank by Bravura is a great combination of eco-friendliness and technology.

This wireless charger is made out of natural and sustainable bamboo and supports wireless as well as wired charging. For tech-oriented companies in Dubai, this will make for an amazing eco-friendly corporate gift.

3. Bravura Reusable Stainless-Steel Straw

Just because it’s eco-friendly, doesn’t mean it needs to be made of bamboo! Stainless steel straws are becoming increasingly popular due to the pandemic of single-use plastic straws.

Not millions, but billions of plastic straws are discarded every day. This is the reason reusable stainless-steel straws are such a great way to show that you and your company care about the environment.

The reusable stainless-steel straw from Bravura comes with a keychain, a silicone tip, a straw cleaning brush, and a carrying case. The straw is stretchable and can be used with both hot and cold drinks. Moreover, Bravura can customize the product with your company’s logo!

If you’re looking for more eco-friendly corporate merchandise and gifts in UAE, Bravura offers a multitude of creative printing, designing, and product customization services. Check out our available products now and get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you!

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