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Are you looking for a unique promotional gift for your employees, clients or customers?

How about an umbrella?

Umbrella as Promotional Gift

Weather can get brutally sunny here in Dubai. People on commute can find it quite uncomfortable. They might have a business meeting, a job interview or a domestic errand to attend to. In either case or beyond, imagine them stepping out and facing the wrath of Dubai’s sunny weather. Things can get ugly, sweaty and dark.

That’s where carrying an umbrella helps!


An umbrella will protect your employees, clients and customers from the fury of the sun. It will make travelling comfortable for them. Moreover, it will also serve them well in the event of an unexpected downpour.


Although, it doesn’t rain very often in Dubai, but when it does, it can really get messy. An umbrella will keep your employees, clients and customers from getting wet when caught in the rain.

Coming to the promotional part…

An umbrella can easily be printed with the logo of your organization. Even, if you decide to print the logo on two or four of its panels, the logo will still be “clearly” seen from a distance. Anywhere your employees, clients or customers go, they will be advertising your brand.  

In short, umbrellas can be great and pretty useful as promotional gift items.

Just make sure that when you’re buying promotional umbrellas to give to your employees, clients or customers, they are good quality, long lasting and easy to carry. If you get these essentials right, they will never be thrown away.

Another important consideration to buying promotional umbrellas is choosing the right type of umbrella. There are different types of promotional umbrellas available to suit different markets. If you need help in choosing the right type of promotional umbrella for your business, feel free to reach out, and we’ll be more than happy to assistyou.

We hope you liked our promotional gift suggestion.

Happy promotional umbrella shopping!

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